​​the inner game of being human

The inner Game of Being Human
BOOKS by kevin rhodes

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Everybody has an inner game. Some People have one on purpose.

Life Beyond Reason is about what happens to us when we decide to create the lives we want in the face of every reason why we can’t. It’s about pursuing our dreams and passions and big ideas, and remaking ourselves and our lives from the inside out . It’s a Hero’s Journey, a midlife reinvention, and personal awakening. Mostly, it’s a kind, helpful, funny, and inspiring invitation to take your own transformative journey.More...

Coming in 2016

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This is from the draft preface:

"This book crowns a nine-year journey of hope. Crowns and culminates, but doesn’t end:  the journey goes on, and so does the hope. It’s odd to think that a book called Apocalypse could be hopeful. More...

Running For My Life is for Life Athletes:  people who live with fire and focus. Athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, artists… whatever our sphere, we take life’s extreme challenges head on. We need a strong inner game to do that. This book guides us to the core source of our greatest power:  personal ethos, that inner life that makes us uniquely who we are and defines what we will do, impossible or not.. More...